Tree-mendous Science
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STEM   Science - Technology - Engineering - Math

STEM programs are now being offered to all grades, K-8!
Any of the programs listed in the "GRADES K-2" or "GRADES 3-5" pages are available
or contact me regarding a topic that you would like me to cover (topics can integrate into your curriculum, if you choose).

The lessons include use of Smart Board if available in your school.
Cost: $7.00 per child

Here are some examples of STEM Science Lessons: 

Grade 3: Migrate, Hibernate, or Adapt!

What do animals do in winter? They migrate, hibernate, or must have adaptations that see them through. In this lesson, students learn general and specific adaptations of animals that help them to survive in winter in a temperate zone. They will then “create” a bird with a beak that can allow it to obtain food in winter.


Students will be able to:

~recall needs of animals: shelter, food, water, air

~list some animals that hibernate or migrate

~identify tools used by some animals to adapt (highlight: beaver)

~identify types of birds beaks with the food the bird eats

~design and make the beak of a bird that could survive in Connecticut in winter

~talk about their bird with other students and answer questions

Grade 1: Force, Motion, & Magnets
This program teaches children about the physics of force, using real-world examples. We explore the forces of gravity, friction, and magnetic force; the culminating project involves the children designing a track where a toy car can travel its fastest.
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